Your One-Stop Shop

Gerner & Kearns Co., LPA (G&K) offers an array of services to meet each client’s needs. Whether the need is for legal collection of a delinquent account or recovery of a secured asset, G&K will handle the matter efficiently and effectively.  We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service not only through our experienced attorneys, but also through our highly trained staff members who can professionally handle issues relating to a referred account.

Our custom reporting techniques exceed our clients’ expectations and our information flow back on the status of each file referred to G&K has been highly praised.

We are licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan, but can act as an outsourcer through a vetted network of attorney firms throughout the country in order to handle work on a national basis. 

Experienced Attorneys

Each account referred to G&K is reviewed by an experienced attorney who ensures that all of the proper documents are included in the referral.  A legal analysis is provided before suit is filed on all accounts. The attorneys at G&K are up to date on the ever- changing FDCPA guidelines, rules, regulations and case law.


G&K prides itself on offering:

  • Resolution of uncollected accounts.

  • Strategies to protect its clients from recurring risks.

  • Proven, high performance collection techniques.

  • Experienced staff and attorneys with knowledge of the legal industry and its demands.

G&K offers complete collection solutions:

  • Second Note/Mortgages

  • Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Charged Off Accounts

  • Auto Deficiency Loans

  • Lease Purchase Agreements

  • Leases

  • Retail Installment Contracts

  • Credit Card Accounts

  • Student Loan Accounts

  • Subrogation and Indemnification

  • Commercial Collections

Collection Agency v. Collection Attorney

As a law firm, G&K can utilize the court system to collect debts. A collection agency does not have the ability to threaten lawsuit without following through with the suit.  In fact, a few of our current clients are collection agencies that have been unable to collect on delinquent accounts, thus turn to G&K for assistance. Using an experienced law firm at the onset of the delinquency can result in a faster recovery as the procedures for calling debtors over the telephone can be eliminated and suit can proceed with an initial demand letter.

Flexible Fee Structure

G&K offers its clients a wide array of flexible fee arrangements. Options range from a contingency, hourly or flat fee basis depending on each client's needs.

Customizable Approach

G&K Attorneys and staff members employ a customizable and unique manner of collecting on delinquent accounts and any debtor that calls into G&K receives a kind reception. Past experience has shown that a debtor who is treated with respect is a debtor that is more likely to start making payments and continue doing so on an ongoing basis.

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