Our Creditor’s Rights operation represents a large portion of the legal work we perform at Gerner & Kearns (G&K).  This area of expertise is managed by specialized teams with extensive experience in all aspects of the default industry.  Having handled real estate matters at all stages of default for over 20 years, we are considered a leading authority in this area of the law including residential single and multi-family homes, subprime loan products, manufactured homes and commercial properties.



Compliance, Quality and Timeliness

Our team of experienced attorneys and staff handles both routine and complex foreclosures on residential and commercial real property. The integration of a strong title service, through our affiliate PRISM Title & Closing Services, allows us to discover defects that could negatively impact the foreclosure process. We resolve these issues quickly and accurately so as to exceed all agency and investor timelines and move the cases through the courts in an efficient manner, while still maintaining quality and compliance in accordance with strict industry standards.

Our firm also performs foreclosures on Reverse Mortgages.

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Best Practices in the Default Industry

We recognize the myriad of problems that lending institutions face due to Chapter 13, and we have developed a series of pleadings which can be employed to lift the stay of bankruptcy once the debtor has defaulted.  Our attorneys and staff are also familiar with the complexities of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.  We have implemented best practices in order to quickly obtain relief from the bankruptcy courts in order to proceed with the foreclosure.

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Accurate, Strategic and Precise

In order to recover the value of delinquent loans, we understand that it is necessary to secure possession of the property so it is available for claim conveyance or REO sale.  We expeditiously secure access to the property after the conclusion of the foreclosure sale.  Through effective communication, we ensure a finely tuned, efficient and timely approach to the handling of each eviction case.

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