Your Business Is Our Passion

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate and know what it takes to run a company. Regardless of your type of business, whether making widgets or providing services, there are critical elements every business needs; finance/accounting, legal and insurance services. The proper legal guidance is critical as everything depends on the legal footing you establish at the outset.

With Greater Cincinnati's economy being the largest in Ohio and Cincinnati the fastest growing major city in the Midwest, the business and corporate opportunities in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan are growing as well. The startup community in Cincinnati is flourishing and the number of entrepreneurs is on the rise. There are many opportunities to start and grow businesses and Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., can help in every aspect.

Concierge Legal Services

A multibusiness owner himself, David Gerner guides from experience and treats each client's business as if it were his own. It is easy to put himself in the client's shoes with their best interest at heart having been on the other side of the table before. Knowing the struggles small-business owners face, Dave wanted to create a way to make high-level legal services more accessible to those whose futures depend on it at a minimum cost and developed concierge legal services. This plan provides critical high-quality legal services at flat fees and reduced hourly rates to make them more affordable.

Alleviating unexpected expenses while proactively arming small businesses with the advice they need to avoid costly liability, for a $1,500 flat fee, small businesses are provided the following comprehensive services:

  • Unlimited quick calls
  • Annual meeting to review business in its entirety
  • Free mini audit checklist
  • Reduced rates for wills and trusts, living wills and health care power of attorney, contracts, leases and real estate transactions and financing
  • Reduced flat fee document preparation (LLC formation, confidentiality, lease, shareholder, partnership agreements, etc.)
  • Banks of hours for purchase at reduced rate
  • Reduced rate hours passed to employees

Set Yourself Up For Success

Business law isn't some lone statute, regulation or act, scattered legal frameworks and diverse regulations that can make setting yourself up for lasting success a challenge. Instead, it runs the gamut of topics and legislative frameworks to include everything from zoning and land usage to consumer protections and fiduciary duties. Your experience will depend on what your company does and may involve:

  • Choosing whether to form a limited liability company, partnership, trust or corporation
  • Drafting business formation agreements and filing for permission to operate as an in-state or foreign entity
  • Planning successor arrangements to keep your company running when you're no longer able to lead it
  • Resolving labor and employment disputes
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Addressing breach of contract situations
  • Dissolving a business and resolving your remaining obligations

Your life as a business owner is already busy, but if you're unprepared, it will only become harder to manage. Talking to a Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., lawyer about our business law and concierge legal services may be the best way to reduce the amount of time you spend on paperwork allowing you more time to manage your business increasing your revenue.

Equip Yourself With Advanced Legal Knowledge

Even if you aren't filing litigation or defending against a lawsuit, dealing with legal concerns is a constant aspect of operating a company. Seemingly minor decisions about matters like how you operate and where you're domiciled can have tax and profitability implications that might persist for decades.

Don't venture into the unknown future blindly. If you really want to succeed, retaining legal representation is a surefire way to heighten your chances without feeling so overwhelmed. Discuss your situation with an experienced business law attorney at Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., today by calling 513-241-7722, or send us a message online with your detailed questions.