Default Services — Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Eviction And Loss Mitigation

Our creditors' rights operation represents a large portion of the legal work we perform at Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A. This area of expertise is managed by specialized teams with extensive experience in all aspects of the default industry.

Having handled real estate matters at all stages of default for over 30 years, we are considered a leading authority in this area of the law, including residential single and multifamily homes, subprime loan products, manufactured homes and commercial properties.

Foreclosure — Compliance, Quality And Timeliness

Our team of experienced attorneys and staff handles both routine and complex foreclosures on residential real property. The integration of a strong title service allows us to discover defects that could negatively impact the foreclosure process. The foreclosure process can be long and complex, and varies from state to state, county to county and even from judge to judge. However, we apply our experience and technology to navigate through the nuances and variations to quickly adapt to industry changes, and any new court rules and requirements.

We constantly strive to improve our workflow processes to provide prompt resolution without sacrificing quality and our clients' relationships with their customers. Our experience and knowledge provide us with opportunities to mitigate our clients' losses through foreclosure alternatives, including modifications, mediations, consent judgments and forbearance agreements.

While always protecting our clients' interest, our staff and our attorneys take a proactive approach to alternatives that can bring a resolution that is satisfactory to our clients, the courts and the homeowners. As a boutique law firm, we make sure all clients are treated with the same quality and service our firm provides in all our practice areas.

Bankruptcy — Best Practices In The Default Industry

We also protect our creditor clients in bankruptcy litigation throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Our experienced attorneys and paralegals are well-equipped to handle any issues relating to claims secured by real property, personal property, judgments liens, unsecured claims, and more. We use technology to provide coordination with our foreclosure, eviction and collection departments to navigate industry and court changes to protect client interests, and seek maximum recovery.

Our clients contact us for advice, knowing our attorneys have a solid reputation and regular interaction with judges, trustees and debtors' attorneys. Our attorneys and staff are also recognized by our clients, the courts, trustees and debtors' counsel for providing quick resolution of all bankruptcy matters.

Eviction — Accurate, Strategic And Precise

In order to recover the value of delinquent loans, we understand that it is necessary to secure possession of the property, so it is available for claim conveyance or real estate owned (REO) sale. We expeditiously secure access to the property after the conclusion of the foreclosure sale. Through effective communication, we ensure a finely tuned, efficient and timely approach to the handling of each eviction case.

Loss Mitigation — Leaders In Transforming Delinquent Loans Into Performing Assets

At Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., our creditors' rights team can help you analyze defaulted loans and determine the best procedure for resolving the default, facilitate communication with borrowers and their counsel, review borrower correspondence, prepare a sound resolution strategy and take measures to position you for top consideration during payoff negotiations. We can also assist with closings, short sales, and the coordination and management of payoffs and modifications.

For more information on how we can help you in matters involving default services such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction and loss mitigation, contact us online or call 513-241-7722 today.