Litigation, Recovery And Collections — Your One-Stop Shop

At Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., we offer an array of collection-related services to meet each client's needs. Whether the concern is commercial or consumer collections, or secured collateral recovery or lender defense, our experienced attorneys will handle the matter efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service not only through our experienced attorneys but also through our highly trained staff members who can professionally handle numerous issues relating to a referred account.

Each account referred to us at Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., is reviewed by an experienced attorney who ensures that all of the proper documents are included in the referral. A legal analysis is provided before suit is filed on all accounts. Our dedicated attorneys are up to date on the ever-changing FDCPA guidelines, rules, regulations and case law. Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., offers resolutions for uncollected accounts, strategies to protect clients from recurring risks, proven, high-performance collection techniques, and experienced staff and attorneys with knowledge of the legal industry and its demands.

We offer complete creditors' rights solutions, including:

  • Collateral recovery
  • Mechanic's liens, impoundment and forfeiture litigation
  • Creditor/lender defense and contested litigation
  • Commercial collections
  • Medical and education recovery
  • Large portfolio retail collections
  • Government collections

We also offer replevin services to help you recover personal property that has been wrongfully detained by a delinquent borrower. For example, following default on an auto loan, we can initiate a replevin action to gain possession of the vehicle and seek a money judgment for any balance owed on the loan.

Personal Service Supported By Cutting Edge Technology

The LRC (Litigation, Recovery, & Collections Group) is consistently astride the bleeding edge of technological innovation in the creditors' rights industry. Our systems are maintained on industry-leading compliance and protection, while offering customizable reporting for our clients, from real-time file-by-file status updates to in-depth portfolio analytics. We do not believe, however, that technological enhancements are ever a substitute for personal attention, and always just a phone call away.

Flexible Fee Structure, Customizable Approach

At Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., we offer our clients a wide array of flexible fee arrangements. Options range from a contingency, hourly to flat fee basis depending on each client's needs.

Our attorneys and staff members employ a customizable and unique manner of collecting on delinquent accounts, and any debtor who calls into us receives a kind reception. Past experience has shown that a debtor who is treated with respect is a debtor who is more likely to start making payments and continue doing so on an ongoing basis.

For more information on how we can help you in a litigation, recovery or collection matter, contact us online or call 513-241-7722 today. With offices in Florence, Newport, Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg, we help creditors throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.