The Vision

David E. Gerner was licensed as an attorney in 1983 and established the law firm of Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., in 1987 with a vision to provide personalized, specialized and results-oriented legal services to each and every client. Mr. Gerner trademarked the tagline "Where Business is Personal" for the firm in order to summarize his philosophy of treating each client matter, no matter how large or small, with the same importance and the same sense of urgency as he would want his own matter treated.

His vision was realized by implementing this philosophy, employing experienced and well-trained attorneys, management and support staff, and investing in state-of-the-art technology. To learn more about our attorneys' backgrounds and qualifications, please visit our Attorneys page.

Our Philosophy

Our trademarked tagline "Where Business is Personal" is the firm's guiding philosophy in all that we do. We understand that each client is entrusting us with responsibility for a legal matter of significance and importance to them, which will have a real and personal impact on their lives. By putting ourselves into the shoes of our client and treating their matter as if it were our own, our intentions and actions produce and deliver legal services that meet and even exceed that responsibility. Because business is always personal!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve each and every client by performing preeminent legal services at the highest standard of integrity, ethics and professionalism, and by pursuing, protecting and promoting our clients' best interests at all times. This is our passion, our privilege and our pledge!

Core Principles And Values

At Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., we are dedicated to providing premier legal services to clients founded on our core principles and values.

  1. We dedicate ourselves to serve our clients by performing pre

    eminent legal services.

  2. We commit to the highest standard of integrity, ethics and professionalism.
  3. We pursue, protect and promote our clients' best interests at all times.
  4. We treat all people with honesty, dignity and respect.
  5. We care about our clients and about their lives, goals and problems.
  6. We communicate with our clients in a candid, thorough and proactive manner.
  7. We are results-oriented and strive to achieve positive results for our clients.
  8. We are solutions-oriented and endeavor to best solve our clients' problems.
  9. We make ourselves accessible to our clients when their legal needs arise.
  10. We have a sense of passion, urgency and purpose about everything we do.
  11. We charge fair and reasonable fees and perform appropriate pro bono services.
  12. We disclose and avoid any conflicts of interest with our clients.
  13. We hold strictly confidential the privileged and private information of our clients.
  14. We work hard knowing there is no substitute for hard work.
  15. We work smart using creativity and innovative thinking.
  16. We utilize teamwork, and rely on our collective talents, experience and expertise.
  17. We invest in training, education and state-of-the-art technology.
  18. We seek to improve, and adapt ourselves and our services in an evolving industry.
  19. We devote time and effort to be involved in and to improve our industry.
  20. We act to be a good corporate citizen through engagement in our community.
  21. We take responsibility, and are accountable for our actions and inactions.

Firm Fun Factsabout image

Our Unofficial Mascot!
Dave's dog Timmy, a Shetland Sheepdog, is his loyal companion that accompanies him at most places daily. Timmy is known by all at the firm and by many clients as well since he occasionally makes appearances at meetings and events. You could say he has become the firm's mascot.

Did You Know?
Our Newport office is located in the historic General James Taylor Mansion. With a history dating back to the 1800s and the founding of Newport, we are proud to carry on the tradition of excellence instilled in our community by our forefathers.

With offices in Florence, Newport, Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg, our knowledgeable, experienced lawyers help individuals and businesses throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Contact us online or call 513-241-7722 today.