Commercial Real Estate — We Excel At Complex

Gerner & Kearns real estate work has transitioned over the years to be heavier in commercial than residential as the Greater Cincinnati area economy continues to grow and develop. We are highly experienced in the various types of transactions; acquisition, selling, leasing, lending and finance to ensure no detail is missed, create efficiencies and heighten the client's profitability.

Commercial real estate is a broad category that encompasses a range of property types, such as offices, retail spaces, factories, warehouses and even undeveloped land. The legislation that governs these assets are practical but complex. You name it, we have probably experienced it and while it is always good to have smooth, easy transactions, we excel at complicated ones with our high attention to every detail and ongoing communication and guidance throughout the process.

We've Got You Covered

Put our experience with new to small businesses up to medium-size businesses and corporations to work for you. With experience in transactions from $100,000 to $1 billion-plus in size, we have the wide range of experience to help you navigate your commercial real estate matters while protecting and guiding you every step of the way when you're:

  • Leasing land or space for commercial use
  • Developing property or constructing a building for a specific business purpose
  • Pursuing an easement or other rights to use land that you don't own
  • Trying to finalize a property or business purchase or sale
  • Planning a new development that might have zoning or environmental ramifications
  • Negotiating and preparing commercial real estate contracts, options or a right of first refusal
  • Examining a title or analyzing title documents or insurance
  • Preparing documents, including mortgages, notes, loan agreements, security agreements and modifications

Your brick-and-mortar facilities are more than merely convenient places for your customers to find you. They're critical to your continued operations and long-term profitability, so your entire business depends on their proper function. Talking to an experienced commercial real estate law attorney can help you maximize the utility you derive from your commercial real estate.

Leverage Our 30-Plus Years Of Commercial Property Legal Expertise

You don't have to be facing a lawsuit or dispute to benefit from the aid of a commercial property lawyer. From negotiating contracts and examining titles to preparing easement, covenant and deed documents, a good legal representative greases the gears so you can keep the wheels of business turning.

Why take the chance that a poorly planned deal or badly prepared document might expose you to a huge legal backlash? Talk to an experienced advocate at Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., today by calling 513-241-7722 or sending us an email online. We are proud to help clients throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.