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With Gerner & Kearns, Co. L.P.A., you are receiving the title work of a large, prestigious law firm with extensive experience and capabilities along with the efficiency of a small firm or title company. We consider ourselves a unique hybrid of the two. Put your mind at ease knowing we provide high quality work, a customized approach and ongoing communication to develop a personal relationship with every client.

the importance of title

A deed or title is a critical element to any real estate transaction and requires extreme attention to detail to guarantee a succesful transaction. Missing one small detail can mean big expense and problems which may not be noticed and arise until later.

By taking possession of it, you gain control of various property rights such as the right to use land and structures for personal use, for specific business purposes or development. The ideal situation is to have unrestricted use of the property forever, but that's hardly ever the case. As you move toward closing the transaction, you'll want to perform a few title relevant tasks, to determine what limitations, if any, affect the property. These include:

  • Examining the title to identify existing obligations and rights to ensure that unacceptable matters are removed or otherwise resolved
  • Securing title insurance to cover your bases and protect you and your lender just in case the examination missed something
  • Modifying any agreements or terms in the sales contract based on what you discovered in the title examination
  • Conducting an update exam before signing the paperwork and making a payment

Many people view buying commercial or residential real estate as a prime example of upward mobility. If you aren't careful about closing, however, you might end up moving backward in the years to come. At Gerner & Kearns Co., L.P.A., our experienced real estate law lawyers are passionate about helping everyone get the highest value out of their property ownership.

Depend On 30 Years Of Hands-On Experience

Real estate transactions aren't guaranteed to pan out the way you anticipate, and if things go wrong, it helps to have a team of attorneys on your side with the legal knowledge you need to set things straight. Whether your closing is smooth sailing or leads to you pursuing curative action to resolve unsettled property liens, legal aid is paramount.

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